is my new domain. And you are viewing my new website!

I picked the name 'Kylimar' because it sounded cool and was (at the time) totally unique. I researched it and found no occurrence on the Internet.

The name Kylimar will probably be used in just about all my creative endeavors for the near future.

Search Indexing of

Here is something interesting that I noticed. Now, I generally agree that Google is the best search engine. But after what I discovered today, my faith in them is slightly shaken.

When you perform a search of ben love at Google, only a few results are returned. In fact, the only results returned are:

  1. -
  2. Kylimar MUD Server Design -
  3. Kylimar -

Notice that the results contain the (1) the main page, (2) an old html directory in the mudserver directory, and (3) the mudserver directory. They do not contain any of the pages in the main directory. I suspect this happens because the links to those pages do not include the suffix, even though they are PHP pages.

Normally, I am not a fan of the MSN Search. However, when you perform the same search as above, ben love, you get a full 19 results from, including the Ben Love page, which is by far the most relevant, given the search terms.

As you've no doubt noticed, the Ben Love page is completely lacking from the Google search results. I am at an utter loss to explain this phenomenon. And I am just a bit disappointed in Google. In their defense, they may not yet have indexed the rest of the site. The main page was last crawled by Google only two days ago 07 NOV 2005. I hope the site will be indexed better soon.

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